MALÓN Bambubikes handcrafted unique and original designs of bicycles focused from an integral and harmonic aesthetic perspective.

Following the tradition of the best construction houses and master craftsmen in the fields of motorsport, motorcycling, cycling and exclusive products; Malón Bambú Bikes, designs and builds handmade bamboo bicycles by means of a production system with low environmental impact and high quality, for recreational, cyclist and competition urban use. MALÓN BIKES use the best geometries and processes available to achieve a bicycle that is distinguished by its refined aesthetics and high degree of pedaling comfort since by its nature, bamboo tends to absorb and dissipate the impacts produced by bumps and imperfections of the ground before transmitting it directly to the wrists, forearms, and spine. That is why the hallmark that distinguishes our bikes is the comfort of running. Once you get on a Malón bike the displacement is suaaaaveeeeee !.

We seek to incorporate the best practices and innovations available to our design, manufacturing, marketing and final product processes in order to be as close as possible to the technological frontier. Our manufacturing process contemplates several stages, with a high quality control, where artisanal production methods are interrelated with technology and cutting-edge industrial processes in order to achieve a unique product. We also seek to create exclusive and highly personalized products, with a guarantee of quality, and with which the owners identify themselves, create personal ties and enjoy each time they use them.

We use Argentine bamboo from the Delta region of the Río de la Plata (Tigre) and from the province of Misiones.

We firmly believe in the rules of fair trade, so we select suppliers that have an affinity with these practices and a proven work ethic. We privilege the quality and precision of our tools and equipment and develop suppliers of Argentine equipment and raw materials in order to have a local supply network. In the case where the parties are produced by large global companies, we use the relevant brands of the market as well as small manufacturers and suppliers with high technological and quality standards and innovation.

We believe in open, shared and network work so we implement work practices and training in that regard seeking agreements with educational institutions, technological development and quality control to collaborate in the continuous improvement of our products. We also try to incorporate to our network of work outstanding young students who share our curiosity, passion for knowledge and above all who feel love for bicycles of whatever kind they are. We are looking for those who first imagine when they see an abandoned, crumbled and disused bicycle, it will look like it once it is restored and starts to roll again.

We dream of bicycles, we believe in bicycles, we build bicycles and we invite to share our passion for them and to pedal at every opportunity that arises.

Malón Bambú Bike, quality Argentina


We love bicycles, we think about bicycles, we make bicycles and we dream about them. That is why we want to do even greener a transport that it is already green, and from that dream we want to:

Re – position the bike as one of the means of transport show a higher degree of civility in those who use them, because they help making more friendly urban spaces.

Add ideas and projects to the strategy of cities to place themselves, within the new Latin American competitive scenario, as sustainable and friendly cities. Getting through an improved quality of life, an increase in property values and a greater happiness in its inhabitants, creating a growing hospitality between citizens and foreigners.

Promoting the idea that sustainability and ecological awareness are not only duties and/or obligations of each individual, but also, through intelligence applied to the design, you can make people closer to these ideas through pleasure, taste or fun given by elements of daily use with functional, recreational and educational components. We add eco -fun to eco –friendly and eco -geek concepts.

MALÓN Bambubikes (Arg) makes unique and original designs from a holistic and harmonious aesthetic perspective.

Still, the absolute novelty of Malon Bambuibikes, beyond the design of the models, is in its bamboo fork. No company in the world has achieved so far, making bamboo forks that meet the requirements of stability and security that needs such a part of the structure. This results in a more exclusive and original design; conceptually more integrated because it removes a larger amount of metal parts of the visual field, achieving a perfectly natural harmony of the product.

Malon Bambubikes produces handcrafted, unique and original bicycle designs, focused from a holistic and harmonious aesthetic perspective.


The MALON was a military tactic of different indian tribes, like the Mapuches, which consisted in a fast and surprise attack by a large number of soldiers against an enemy group.
We got the idea of freedom, speed, strength and anarchic group that lead these group of people.


The mechanical properties of bamboo have been maximized to achieve a perfectly natural and organic buffer. The advantage of a bamboo frame is that it does not resist the blows but it absorbes them and distributes throughout the structure which minimizes the strength of the impact. This gives us two benefits: it provides a more relaxed and comfortable ride and also extends the life of both the frame and components, which makes it even safer than more conventional materials such as aluminum.