Complete Shimano Nexus 3 kit


Shimano is the undisputed leader in bike products. In this case, it offers us a club with a system of internal changes of 3 relations, together with the Shifter, chain and lever plate, ready to be placed on your bike. If you are looking for your bike to have changes and you do not want the changes to suffer blows or need periodic adjustments as happens with external changes, this model is the ideal. Simple, almost null maintenance, easy to use and install, compatible with any bike model, the system of changes chosen by its modern technology at an excellent price.

The complete kit is composed of:

– Mace Shimano SG-3R40

– Equipment to regulate the changes with ShimanoSM-BC06 viewer

– Shimter 3 speeds Shimano SL-3S43 with cable and cover

– Shimano Nexus NX01 traction chain

– Shimano Nexus FC-C6000 lever plate

– Shimano pinion 23 teeth

– Small parts of grip and anchors of the complete system