Gran Rosario R28


Agile, harmonious and silent.
Travel, Move, take, bring, have fun… but with your own style.

A bike for everything. Following the European trends, as far as recreational cycling is concerned, we incorporate a product Hybrid R28 “. They are halfway between MTB bikes and urban characteristics as incorporating the best of both disciplines. Half Urban and half MTB, equipped with wheels of 28” and bamboo fork, this is the ideal bike to move fast and in the city and comfortably in rural areas. Its bamboo frame and fork very well absorb road imperfections, and that makes it a wheeled vehicle with great responsiveness for demanding users. Stylish and extremely comfortable bicycles. These are our highly customized and extremely comfortable to use in cities or for exercise during your daily routine. Built using traditional attention to detail and focusing on comfort. They run Deliciously!
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